Homes, Hikes, and Haunts

Inspiration is everywhere – if we seek, if we see, if we slow down long enough to hear its sweetness. Inspiration sometimes arrives like a whisper, other times like a whirlwind, and still other times like a lumbering and tortured walrus.

I have discovered three sources of inspiration for my writing life even as I have a full and fast-paced work schedule. Whenever I travel, I endeavor to explore a home of some historical figure from the locale. When the weather cooperates, I find time for a local hike—my definition of a hike is only loosely gathered. It could be a walk in a park, a stroll along a historic battlefield, and might even involve an incline or woods on occasion. Finally, I can escape to my past for a haunted kind of inspiration. I find photographs a tangible trigger for those memories and the inspiration that may come from comprehension, acceptance or from the complexity at the muddlement of it all.

This blog is intended to explore how I come to be inspired, where and by what or by whom. And what the writing life is all about.

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A Walk on the Wild Side

My mother-in-law and I share many of the same, quirky interests—not the least of which is her lovable son. But on a recent trip to Florida, we shared a walk through the Naples Botanical Garden. The walk turned out to be more like a fanciful daydream through Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” with its puffy flowers and misshaped trees. We marveled…
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Small Gestures of Empowerment

Sometimes the legacy of a legend like Martin Luther King, Jr. is overwhelming. His words, his defiance, his righteousness, his dreams. I am haunted by his words and his uplifting vision for our country. He inspires us all to be and do better in order to realize our full potential as a nation. (A challenge we continue to strive to…
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A Sweet Tribute

I have always been fascinated by how the use of physical structures within a community evolves over time, allowing a place to find new purpose and engagement with its residents. When those buildings become historic, the connection between the past and the present becomes tangible. And sometimes it becomes sweet. The Candy Factory (now known as the Art Factory) is…
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