Homes, Hikes, and Haunts

Inspiration is everywhere – if we seek, if we see, if we slow down long enough to hear its sweetness. Inspiration sometimes arrives like a whisper, other times like a whirlwind, and still other times like a lumbering and tortured walrus.

I have discovered three sources of inspiration for my writing life even as I have a full and fast-paced work schedule. Whenever I travel, I endeavor to explore a home of some historical figure from the locale. When the weather cooperates, I find time for a local hike—my definition of a hike is only loosely gathered. It could be a walk in a park, a stroll along a historic battlefield, and might even involve an incline or woods on occasion. Finally, I can escape to my past for a haunted kind of inspiration. I find photographs a tangible trigger for those memories and the inspiration that may come from comprehension, acceptance or from the complexity at the muddlement of it all.

This blog is intended to explore how I come to be inspired, where and by what or by whom. And what the writing life is all about.

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No, I’ve Got This!

Chocolate on my shirt and a melting candy bar in my hand. I’d made a mess, and I hate messes, plus I’d been caught wiping that chocolate onto my clean, white shirt. As a firstborn, my mother supposedly kept me ultra clean, whisking me away from the slightest mess to put me into another outfit from all the other adorable…
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Washington’s Legacy of Inspiration

On an unusually warm Veterans Day weekend, my husband and I spontaneously decided to visit Mt. Vernon, the home of our first President, George Washington. I was expecting to be awed by the home, but found myself equally inspired by the man, his words and his actions. Duty and home were ever present in Washington’s mind throughout his life as…
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Hiking and Talking Smack

Autumn is a competitive season. Football, politics, World Series, cooking shows. But I have a flaw in my personality: I can’t talk smack. I never could. And all of these competitive events apparently require competent smack talk to fully appreciate the enjoyment they provide. But whenever I try, it comes out stilted or inauthentic or just plain weird. I blame…
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